3 Must-Read Books for Expecting Parents with Pets

As an expecting mum to a baby girl and a fur-baby mumma to a cute as a button but slightly mischievous Jack Russell Terrier, Kasha, I was slightly anxious about how they would get on.

I was worried about how Kasha would react to Mialina and obviously Mialina's safety was my first and biggest concern. They get on SO WELL now and I think they will become really good friends as Mialina gets older.

These 3 books have been fantastic in terms of finding a path to a happy and safe baby-puppy relationship.

1. Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant (with a baby noise CD) by Lewis Kirkham

2. Good Dog Happy Baby by Miachael Wombacher

3. Please Don' Bite the Baby, Please Don't Chase the Dog by Lisa Edwards

As with any animal (except for maybe a goldfish), you can never be completely trusting of them because their instincts can be quite primal and strong, but the training ideas in these books should be a good start. Remember, your pet's world will change too with the new arrival.  

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